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Character Focus… Santana

Santana Lopez

Santana Lopez is the Glee “Badgirl”. Santana is a Cheerio and joined the Glee Club with Brittany in the episode “Showmance”. Cold and bitchy, Santana very rarely shows emotion other than anger, and it isn’t until Episode 15 – “Sexy”, that Santana sheds a tear. Santana has been romantically involved with many characters in the show, including Puk, Finn and even Brittany. When Quinn gets pregnant Santana replaces her as head cheerleader, boosting Santana’s ego and making her ‘queen of the school’. However, when she comes back in season 2 with breast implants, coach Sylvester reappoints Quinn as head cheerleader, leaving Santana a little less cocky…for a while.

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Episode 15 – Sexy!



Well, this weeks episode of Glee was very raunchy indeed!


 The beautiful Holly Holiday, aka Gwyneth Paltrow is back at Mckinley High filling in for the health and wellness teacher. On her return Holly realises that alot of the kids in the school don’t know enough about sex education, particularly members of New Directions. She then takes it upon her to tell them everything they need to know about sex – through song. Leading to an episode of pure sexiness!

Will & Holly
Will and Holly getting cosy!

When Mr Schu is first informed of Holly’s plans he’s horrified, but when Brittany admits she thinks she pregnant after spotting a bird nesting on her roof and accepting that its going to bring her a child, he gets a little worried and agrees to help Holly with her plans to educate the Glee club.

Holly breaks into the song “do you wanna touch me” and soon has all the members of New directions joining in…even Quinn and Rachel, members of the ‘celibacy club’. Glees version of this song is very contreversial and raunchy and the sexiest we’ve seen the Glee cast yet.

As the episode progresses it begins to focus on the characters individual sexuality. Kurt performs a song with the rest of the Warblers, but when Blaine informs Kurt his sexy faces look like he has ‘gas’, he convinves himself that he can’t perform a sexual number because he’s not at all sexy. This worrys Blaine who then takes it upon him to teach Kurt to be sexy.


The most confusing of relationships on the show is that of Santana and Brittany. Brittany wants to talk about their “making out” situation, but Santana won’t open up. Clearly a very confused girl, Santana agrees with Holly’s idea to express her feelings through song, this storyline turns the episode from lighthearted and humouros, to more of a serious storyline when we empathise with the girls. When Santana finally opens up, she admits that she is attracted to both girls and boys, and that Brittany is the one for her. Will Santana ever tell the rest of the club about her sexuality?

Santana & Brittany

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Welcome to Gleeker!

The first thing i’m going to do is introduce everyone to the only TV musical we all know and love, Glee. If you’re interested in Glee you might know all this already, but i’m just going to give everyone a little re-cap!

Glee is the only TV musical, aired by FOX it first came to screens on television in the USA Proving stupidly popular, it was then decided that us Brits should also be given the oppurtunity to become GLEEKS! If you’re reading this, then you must be a fellow GLEEK! The show focuses on the Mckinley High school Glee club “New Directions” competing in the show choir circuit, showing all the trials and tribulations being a true Glee club teenager involves.

The series was created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan. These guys originally meant for Glee to be broadcast as a film, how ever, the TV show idea has become unbelieveably popular. The first ever episode was then broadcast on American TV on May 19th 2009 and the first season was shown from September 9 2009 – June 8 2010.

The series features song after song of cover tracks, performed by members of the cast and also by special guests, eg Gwyneth Paltrow. Several of the songs performed on the show have made it into the UK top 10 and the cast have released several music albums (see music page for song lists).

So there you have it. That’s Glee. Read on to find episode summarys, gossip and updates! Enjoy fellow Gleeks!

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