Character Focus…Sue Sylvester!

Good old Sue is like a ray of sunshine, she always manages to put a smile on our faces, not.

Sue, modelling her favourite expression, a radiant......frown.

Sue Sylvester is pure dragon. Cheerleading coach at Mckinley High you would think she loved kids, you couldn’t be more wrong, good old Sue detests all of the children she teaches, and it appears she has took it upon herself to make each and every one of their lives a misery.

Sue particularly hates Will and the Glee club, her main aim being to destroy the club in order to gain more of the school budget for her “cheerios”.

Although she is constantly bullying students at every oppurtunity, Sue is one of the funniest characters on the show, without her evil efforts, quite frankly, Glee wouldn’t be Glee! Actress Jane Lynch won a Golden Globe award Best Supporting Actress In A Comedy Musical and/or TV Show, she also won an Emmy in the same category.

Even though she’s quite positively evil, you’ve gotta love Sue!

oh my, a smile!

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