A Night Of Neglect – Episode 17

Fresh from winning Regionals, the New Directions set themselves yet another challenge. They decide to host their very own “Night of Neglect”. Their night involved each individual singing solos and putting together a show, aiming to raise money to fund their trip to nationals. But sticking to the theme of neglect, they decide to all select and perform songs by neglected artists, to try and help people appreciate amazing music that seems to have been forgotten.

Tina performing at the clubs "Night of Neglect"

In this episode, soul sister Mercede’s and partner in crime Lauren decide that she also should be considered a neglected artist. Mercede’s believes that she is the most talented of the group, but is constantly pushed aside by Glee club star Rachel. Due to these thoughts, the girls feel it is time Mercede’s was appreciated, so start to make high demands on the rest of the Glee club in return for her performance at their “Night of Neglect”. The demands she makes are absolutely ridiculous, including being carried to and from stage so her feet don’t touch the ground, and also insisting drying her hands on fresh dry puppies before each performance (talk about diva)!

Mercedes wants to be appreciated

Mr Shu and Holly Holiday continue to date through this episode, however their relationship takes a turn when Holly spots Will and Emma together eating although Holly is strong and independent, she feels threatened by the pairs relationship. When confronting Will he denies any feelings for Emma, but is he also denying these feelings to himself? Or does he actually want Holly?

Later in the episode, after a heart to heart with Rachel, Mercede’s decides to drop the act and do what she’s best at, and performs. She then discovers that in fact, she is appreciated, when she stuns the small but significant audience with her most beautiful performance yet. Also to add to her success, Sandy is so moved by her performace her offers to pay for the Glee club to attend Nationals. Meaning the Glee clubs efforts paid off, and they’ll soon be set to wow the crowds of Nationals!

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