Character Focus…Rachel!

Rachel Berry is an absolutely amazing singer, and boy does she know it. Her ego is about as big as her voice, but we all know that deepdown she’s a sweetheart. Raised by her ‘dads’ due to her mother giving her up when she was a baby, she has always strived to get to her dream, to be a singing superstar. However, her time in Mckinley High’s Glee club has definitely provided her with ups and downs. It is known to every glee fan  that Rachel is the star, she always gets the solos, always gets the biggest applause and always steals the show. But the only thing that she truly wants to steal is her crush, Finn. At the end of series 1 she finally bagged her man, only to lose him again in series 2, and to really knock Rachel of the edge, he runs back to his beautiful ex girlfriend Quinn. Deep down Rachel knows, as do we, that Finn still loves her and doesn’t really have feelings for Quinn, but will he ever accept his feelins and give in to Rachel, we hope for her sake that by the end of season 2, Rachel will have her man back!

RachelRachel and Finn

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