New Directions take a new direction!

Original Song.

In this episode, ‘Original Song’, New directions decide to write some of their own music.

During this episode many of the Glee club members write their own songs, such as Mercedes’ “Hell to the no” and Pukk’s “Big ass heart” are a couple, but it’s Rachel’s song and the piece they write as a group that they decide to take to regionals, and I’ve gotta admit, they’re both pretty amazing! In fact, very amazing seeing as they won New Directions regionals. Proves that sometimes, originality does go a long way. Despite Sue Sylvesters many attempts to sabotage the groups chances, New Direction’s talent shines through, and once again they’re on top!

New Directions on stage at regionals!

As well as New Directions winning regionals, there’s also a bit more good news this episode…Kurt bags his man! His rendition of the Beatles ‘Blackbird’ certainly tugs on Blaine’s heartstrings and he finally admits he’s fallen for Kurt, the happy moment we’ve all been waiting for. They then chose to express their new found love on stage at regionals, with a rather emotional opening duet, and a ridiculously flamboyant – but brilliant number to follow. The Warblers never fail to impress.

Kurt finally gets his man!

A not so happy couple however are Quinn and Finn! Quinn realises that in order to keep Finn and Rachel from re-kindling their old flame she’s going to have to up her game or she’ll never win the prom crown. To do so she deicdes to be-friend Rachel, resulting in a confrontation between the girls and a very teary Rachel. Is Quinns fight to be prom turning her nastier by the day?

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