OMG, the Glee cast are totally GLAM!

Apparently, the Glee cast aren’t always dressed in cardigans and jumpers, according to these pics…they’re actually pretty hot. Lets have a look shall we!

Lea Michele (Rachel) looking hot on the red carpet
Mark Salling (Pukk) looking a little smarter than his usual bad boy self!
Dianna Agron (Quinn)..let’s just say…wow!
Corey Monteith (Finn) swanky swanky Finn!

So there you have it, the main Glee guys and girls all dressed up. Looking pretty swanky i must say! I wonder if we’ll ever see them looking this good on the show? Prom maybe…..

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Character Focus…Sue Sylvester!

Good old Sue is like a ray of sunshine, she always manages to put a smile on our faces, not.

Sue, modelling her favourite expression, a radiant......frown.

Sue Sylvester is pure dragon. Cheerleading coach at Mckinley High you would think she loved kids, you couldn’t be more wrong, good old Sue detests all of the children she teaches, and it appears she has took it upon herself to make each and every one of their lives a misery.

Sue particularly hates Will and the Glee club, her main aim being to destroy the club in order to gain more of the school budget for her “cheerios”.

Although she is constantly bullying students at every oppurtunity, Sue is one of the funniest characters on the show, without her evil efforts, quite frankly, Glee wouldn’t be Glee! Actress Jane Lynch won a Golden Globe award Best Supporting Actress In A Comedy Musical and/or TV Show, she also won an Emmy in the same category.

Even though she’s quite positively evil, you’ve gotta love Sue!

oh my, a smile!

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Glee update!

Rumour has it that the episode “Prom Queen” is Glee’s best yet! Not excited at all!

Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) says : “People who have seen it say its our best episode yet”. Apparently the episode features New Directions rivals Vocal Adrenalin, which also means Rachel’s ex Jesse St.James (awkward).

Will Rachel end up back with old flame Jesse? Or will she finally get her Finn back?

Will Quinn ever bag her dream and become Prom Queen?

Well, i guess we’ll soon see, bring on Prom!

the boys performing in the episode “Prom Queen”

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A Night Of Neglect – Episode 17

Fresh from winning Regionals, the New Directions set themselves yet another challenge. They decide to host their very own “Night of Neglect”. Their night involved each individual singing solos and putting together a show, aiming to raise money to fund their trip to nationals. But sticking to the theme of neglect, they decide to all select and perform songs by neglected artists, to try and help people appreciate amazing music that seems to have been forgotten.

Tina performing at the clubs "Night of Neglect"

In this episode, soul sister Mercede’s and partner in crime Lauren decide that she also should be considered a neglected artist. Mercede’s believes that she is the most talented of the group, but is constantly pushed aside by Glee club star Rachel. Due to these thoughts, the girls feel it is time Mercede’s was appreciated, so start to make high demands on the rest of the Glee club in return for her performance at their “Night of Neglect”. The demands she makes are absolutely ridiculous, including being carried to and from stage so her feet don’t touch the ground, and also insisting drying her hands on fresh dry puppies before each performance (talk about diva)!

Mercedes wants to be appreciated

Mr Shu and Holly Holiday continue to date through this episode, however their relationship takes a turn when Holly spots Will and Emma together eating although Holly is strong and independent, she feels threatened by the pairs relationship. When confronting Will he denies any feelings for Emma, but is he also denying these feelings to himself? Or does he actually want Holly?

Later in the episode, after a heart to heart with Rachel, Mercede’s decides to drop the act and do what she’s best at, and performs. She then discovers that in fact, she is appreciated, when she stuns the small but significant audience with her most beautiful performance yet. Also to add to her success, Sandy is so moved by her performace her offers to pay for the Glee club to attend Nationals. Meaning the Glee clubs efforts paid off, and they’ll soon be set to wow the crowds of Nationals!

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Character Focus…Rachel!

Rachel Berry is an absolutely amazing singer, and boy does she know it. Her ego is about as big as her voice, but we all know that deepdown she’s a sweetheart. Raised by her ‘dads’ due to her mother giving her up when she was a baby, she has always strived to get to her dream, to be a singing superstar. However, her time in Mckinley High’s Glee club has definitely provided her with ups and downs. It is known to every glee fan  that Rachel is the star, she always gets the solos, always gets the biggest applause and always steals the show. But the only thing that she truly wants to steal is her crush, Finn. At the end of series 1 she finally bagged her man, only to lose him again in series 2, and to really knock Rachel of the edge, he runs back to his beautiful ex girlfriend Quinn. Deep down Rachel knows, as do we, that Finn still loves her and doesn’t really have feelings for Quinn, but will he ever accept his feelins and give in to Rachel, we hope for her sake that by the end of season 2, Rachel will have her man back!

RachelRachel and Finn

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New Directions take a new direction!

Original Song.

In this episode, ‘Original Song’, New directions decide to write some of their own music.

During this episode many of the Glee club members write their own songs, such as Mercedes’ “Hell to the no” and Pukk’s “Big ass heart” are a couple, but it’s Rachel’s song and the piece they write as a group that they decide to take to regionals, and I’ve gotta admit, they’re both pretty amazing! In fact, very amazing seeing as they won New Directions regionals. Proves that sometimes, originality does go a long way. Despite Sue Sylvesters many attempts to sabotage the groups chances, New Direction’s talent shines through, and once again they’re on top!

New Directions on stage at regionals!

As well as New Directions winning regionals, there’s also a bit more good news this episode…Kurt bags his man! His rendition of the Beatles ‘Blackbird’ certainly tugs on Blaine’s heartstrings and he finally admits he’s fallen for Kurt, the happy moment we’ve all been waiting for. They then chose to express their new found love on stage at regionals, with a rather emotional opening duet, and a ridiculously flamboyant – but brilliant number to follow. The Warblers never fail to impress.

Kurt finally gets his man!

A not so happy couple however are Quinn and Finn! Quinn realises that in order to keep Finn and Rachel from re-kindling their old flame she’s going to have to up her game or she’ll never win the prom crown. To do so she deicdes to be-friend Rachel, resulting in a confrontation between the girls and a very teary Rachel. Is Quinns fight to be prom turning her nastier by the day?

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And that’s how Sue C’s it

Sue quotes :

that's how Sue C's it


“You know what they say? Those who can’t, teach. Turns out, maybe you actually can. Think about that the next time you prop your butt chin up on one of those little toilets”
Sue insulting Will, as usual.
“Hello, Tweedle Stupid, Tweedle Fake Boobs”
Sue’s pleasant greeting to Brittany and Santana.
“Will, you have more grease in your hair than the guy behind Wikileaks”
Another nice comment to Will.
“I’ve gotta get that girl on the Cheerios”
Sue’s lovely reference to Sam’s masculinity. 

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